Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ted J. Conant. My wife Cheryl and I have a photography studio in our home at 1545 Oakes Street in Marinette, WI. Having a studio in our home has many advantages for both you and us.

We have found our home studio to offer a relaxing atmosphere. We are able to offer flexible hours to meet our customers needs. Whether you need morning, afternoon, evening, weekends,áor even Sundays, we work to fit Your schedule. We ask that you call and set up an appointment time with us to insure we are available.

Explaination of session fee, or creating fee.á This fee is charged by most photographers, it is for the photographer's time and talent to create portraits and can be compared to the wage or salary you receive for doing your job.á (please see Chose a professional page on this website)

áAnother advantageá is cost - a home studio cuts down on overhead costs that occur when you have a separate building. Without those costs, we are able to offer you quality portraits at affordable prices.

What isáour favorite part of photography?á Besides the wonderful people we meet, FUN !!!áá We enjoy photography.á We want to have fun, and we want you to have fun.á

áI had the privilege of performing the duties of "Still Photographer" for the filming of "The Godfather of Green Bay".á My job was to photograph the different scenes as they were filmed to be used in advertisingáand other aspects ofápromoting the film.á I had a blast, not to mention I will never watch another movie without the understanding of what goes into making a movie.á á

The Conant Mission is to fully render and preserve the beauty in each and every portrait.

A little family history.á áFor over 140 years, the Conant name has been associated with Photographic Excellence.
Beginning with David Joseph Conant,áa Civil War Veteran, Howell Conant, whose resume includes, Admiral Nimitz's Navy photographic unit, commercial photographs for Ford, Revlon and Kodak, and photo cover stories for Look, Life magazines and the private photographer for Princess Grace Kelly and her family.á The legacy of pride and craftsmanship has been carried on for 4 generations. Today, you stand to become the beneficiary of nearly a century and a half of knowledge and expertise.

We have been in this area for 12 years. My Great-Great Grandfather, David Joseph Conant started the legacy of Conant Studio upon his return from the Civil War. His knowledge and skills continued over the years and still do today. Photography has changed since the horse and wagon days of Conant's Traveling Photo Parlor, as well as other Conant Studios that were in the communities, operated by Arlington,Arthur, Harry, andáDonaldábut a few things still remain the same :


We are a digital and filmástudio, we useáa Professional Kodakálab and archival papers to insureáKodak's " Promise of Excellence " whicháis your guarantee of memories being passed down through the generations, as they have been passed down to us from David Joseph.


We are honoured that youáare considering trusting your precious memories to our studio, and look forward to lending our talents and unique vision of photography for you.á As my ancestors before me we at Conant Studio pride ourselves on being the working person's photography studio.

At this time Conant Studio is not open, we are sorry for any inconvience this may cause you.á Thank you to all of our past customers.á Please see Temporary Leave for more details.


Ted J Conant 715-923-1955

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